Límtré Vírnet ehf consists of three factories which are located within 100 km from Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland. The company also has a ventilation department, sales department, warehouse and a technical department in the Reykjavík area.

In the town of Borgarnes on the West coast of Iceland, we have a roll-forming plant, nail production and a sales office along with other activities. This part of the company originally began operations in 1956. From the beginning, the aim was set for high quality production and therefore the company only carries recognized and reliable brands. Over the decades, we have acquired extensive specialist knowledge and experience which benefit the building market. Together with high quality service, speedy delivery and a wide selection of cladding materials, the company has established itself as one of the most reliable industrial companies in Iceland.

In Flúðir, a small town East from Reykjavík, Límtré Vírnet have produced glue laminated structural beams, glulam since 1982. The production meets the highest standards and quality, having CE certification as all the company production of glulam is GL30c according to IST EN 14080:2013. In Flúðir there is another factory producing steel faced sandwich panels with mineral wool core. This production merged into the company in 1995. Límtré Vírnet opened up a new factory for sandwich panels in 2016 with the newest technology on the market, full automated equipment.

To be able to fulfill market demand, Limtre Virnet started selling and importing steel frame houses in the year of 2000. That was the company answer to increased demand for various solutions within the Icelandic market. In addition to supplying steel and/or wood frame buildings, we offer a specially trained contractor to take care of installations on the building site.

In the sales- and technical department the company have a highly skilled staff which helps the customers with all technical details concerning our buildings. We can also supply various types of steel fasteners, screws, bolts etc. for the building industry.

Límtré Virnet ehf is today the largest company in Iceland producing roll-forming steel and have the widest range of individual products in the field. It is also the only producer of glulam  and sandwich panels in Iceland. The company has very good relations within the building industry and sells materials to retailers, building contractors and individuals.


 CEO  Stefán Árni Einarsson  +354-412-5301
 Financial manager  Hafdís Hörn Gissurardóttir  +354-412-5314
 Purchasing manager  Kristjan Blöndal  +354-412-5355
 Production manager  Aðalsteinn Símonarsson  +354-412-5302
 Manager tech. department  Sigurður Guðjónsson  +354-412-5390
 Director of sales- and marketing  Andri Daði Aðalsteinsson  +354-412-5313
 Human resources- and Office manager  Birgitta Sigþórsdóttir +354-412-5306


The ownership of Limtre Virnet is as follows:

 The holding company Stekkur – owned by Kristinn Aðalsteinsson and family – shares 45,38%

The holding company Bingo – owned by Hjörleifur Jakobsson –  shares 35,30%

Other owners – 21 smaller shareholders –  shares in all 19,32%

The board of Limtre Virnet:

 Chairman of the board      Guðlaug Kristinsdóttir

 Member of the board        Erlendur Hjaltason

Member of the board         Guðmundur Ósvaldsson